What things do you need to start a painting company?

Well, you are tired of 8.00 am to 5.00 pm job. That is the first step to start your business. A painting company is a suitable investment as the industry is worth billions. Furthermore, it is a recession-proof industry; customers require regular repainting of their homesteads, business, fences, and newly constructed structures.

This guide will highlight the essentials for establishing your painting company:

Brand Name

Choose a unique name for your business. It will help your organization stand out from the crowd. Also, select a logo and business contacts; these details should appear on your marketing campaigns, flyers, and business cards. Customers use the details to reach you when they are vetting painters Pittsburgh, or want to hire you.

Register a Brand Name

File the paperwork of your company. Customers prefer using a registered painting company to an unlicensed organization since you have to satisfy numerous regulations before the local authorities allow you to start operating. For example, you have to complete a painters’ course or hire a licensed professional in your team. Furthermore, a registered brand is often more credible since the company will strive to satisfy clients’ requirements.

File LLC Paperwork

A limited liability company (LLC) means that the business and the owner are two independent entities. As such, if a client sues the company, you would be shielded from personal liability.

File for Insurance

A good painter’s insurance offers compensation for equipment damage and staff injuries in the line of duty. The insurance can also compensate damages on your clients’ property, such as paint spills on furniture and carpet.

File for Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The EIN is necessary for tax-compliant businesses; for filing tax returns.

Business Account

Get a bank account where your clients will be depositing funds for assigned contracts. The account will also help you process taxes, salaries, and determine whether your enterprise is profitable.

Tools and Equipment

Purchase crucial painters’ accessories such as safety gear, brushes, electronic sprayers, ladders, and cranes, among other supplies. The tool selection will help you accomplish your projects hassle-free.

So you want to start a painting company

calculate painting cost of window frame
Being an entrepreneur is great.

Being a painter maybe not so much.

But getting paid while painters do all the work…


First of all, painting is a great service.

Lot’s of things need paint.

Paint needs to be consistently re-applied.

That means a never ending supply of potential earnings.

And most paint jobs have a great margin.

So here are a few entrepreneur tips to get you going on your painting journey.

First, don’t do the painting yourself.

No matter what.

Hire someone.

If you cannot afford to pay them, then start them on a commission deal.

Ok, painter check.

Now create a website.

Nothing fancy.

Think Google in terms of style: simple, clean, direct.

Put your number at the top of the page and keep it there: don’t let it leave the page as the user looks around.

Add a quote request form to the page and keep it there as the user looks around.

Here’s an example of what I mean: https://pittsburghpapainters.com

If you cannot afford a website go YouTube it.

You can literally learn anything on YouTube.

Now go place adds on Google, Craigslist, Facebook, Yelp etc that point to your website.

Now figure out your pricing.

When a lead comes in get their info and head over to google and get three quotes that are similar to the size job you have.

Do this a few times and you’ll figure out the market cost for your service.

Figure out a dollar per square foot value and price accordingly.

That’s enough to get you going on your painting journey.

Until next time, remember to wash your paint brush.